How do I create a builders risk policy in JenesisNow?

How to create a builders risk policy in JenesisNow?

JenesisNow – Builders Risk Policy

From the Clients Portal, scroll down to Policies. Select the Plus Sign to add a policy. A window will appear called Manage Policy Components; in this window, you can select Builders Risk at the bottom in the most used section, or you may use the drop-down menu to select Builders Risk and then select Save at the bottom.

The dashboard for Builders Risk Policy will appear after you push save. Find the Location/Premises section and click on the plus sign, which will open a separate window. In this window, add details for that specific policy.

Some of the required fields include Protection Class which tells you about the community’s ability to respond to an emergency. The Construction Type drop-down allows you to choose an option for construction. BCEGS Grade, which is for building code requirements, along with the information for specific premises.

Now find Coverage Details, and click on the plus sign to add all the coverage details required for that specific policy. Notice another box labeled Coverages; this is where you want to add additional coverages associated with that Builders Risk Policy, and when done, select Save.

Back on the dashboard, find Additional Insured; click on the plus sign for a new window called Additional Insured, fill out the required fields, and select Close.

Next, notice Mortgage Info in the middle for any mortgagee associated with the policy. All their information can be found in the blue tabs at the top. Business Info is another tab; here, you can add information about a specific business.

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