How to Add Underlying Policies for Umbrella Policies within JenesisNow?

Add Underlying Policies for Umbrella Policies within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Ability to add Underlying Policies for Umbrella Policies

If you write Umbrella policies for commercial or personal policies, you will be happy with the update we have made, which will allow you to add underlying policies with your umbrella policies.

On the client view screen, go to the Policies card, and click the plus sign (+), bringing up the Manage Policy Components pop-up window. In this window, click in the Select Component field, click on either Commercial Umbrella or Personal Umbrella, then click the green Select button at the bottom to bring up the Umbrella Policy page.

The Umbrella Policy page has a new card called Underlying Insurance Policies. Click the plus sign (+) on the Underlying Insurance Policies card to open the Underlying Policy pop-up window. Fill in the information needed, and if you select a policy the customer already has, their information will appear, and then click the green Close button in the bottom-right corner.

On the Umbrella Policy page, you may also add Coverages, Vehicles, Drivers, and Property Listings with this Umbrella policy.

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