How do I add a new user and manage existing user accounts in JenesisNow?

How to add a new user and manage existing user accounts in JenesisNow?

JenesisNow – User Setup and Managing User Profiles

First, on the left sidebar, hover over Users and select New User. Adding a new user will prompt a window to input all the information. If you want to access all accounts, select All Users. A dashboard will appear and you’ll notice all users in your agency.

To access a profile, you’ll click on the email address, and the profile will appear. Under User Account Info, you’ll see a drop-down menu to mark the user Active or Inactive. In the middle, you’ll notice Transfer User Items which you can transform items to another user by selecting the drop-down menu labeled From and To, then select Transfer.

Now, scroll down to Agency-wide Permissions and notice the options, which you can toggle on and off. Then you’ll notice Location-specific Permissions which you can turn on and off one specific item for a location. After your permissions are set up, hit Save User at the top.

Next, select All Users from the left side bar to bring up all accounts. Notice the bottom labeled Become towards the left of the user’s name. Once you have selected this button, you are signing into their account as that specific client as you were them.

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