How do you apply your User’s Signature to your Acord form in JenesisNow?

JenesisNow – Agent Signatures on Acord 25. How to apply your User’s Signature to your Acord form in JenesisNow.

Agent Signatures on Acord 25 – JenesisNow

First, we need to set up the user signature. To set up a user signature, go to the left side bar, hovering over Users and select All Users. Once you’re in User Account, you want to ensure you have a signature set up for that specific user.

Now go into your user’s profile and select Preferences at the top. You’ll notice User Signature with your updated signature. If you do not have a signature in the system, the box will be blank. Select Upload Signature to pull in a file of your signature, or you can draw your signature. Upon selecting Upload Signature, you can upload from your device.

Go back to your acord form by hovering over Clients on your left side bar and select All Clients. Select a profile, and a Client View will appear. Now select Acord Forms at the top. Acord Forms will pop up, and then select a policy by selecting Choose. Over to the right, you’ll notice Certificate of Liability Insurance; select a policy, then hit Continue.

Scroll down and notice the acord form you’ve created. Choose at least one Certificate Holder and make your selection by checking the box next to the name. Next, click on Generate Form at the bottom; it will place that information in Saved Forms, which you’ll notice when you scroll back up.

Next to your saved form, select Options, then View. Once you select View, a PDF form will appear, which is your certificate. Scroll down, and you’ll notice the authorized representative signature.

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