How do I view and process eDocs & Message Downloads in JenesisNow?

How to view and process notes in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – eDocs and Message Downloads

First, go to the left side bar and click Downloads (DNLD), then select Download, and company downloads will then appear.

Next, under the Status column, there will be a file named Ready to Process. Next to it will be a paper icon; click on this icon to view the status of the client. After viewing the status of the client (Non-Renewal), select the Process tab in the first column under actions.

Then go back to your dashboard by clicking on Dash on the left side bar. Scroll down, and under Carrier Notes, you will notice the note processed. Next, double-click on the note which will bring up your client’s profile.

Last, scroll down to find the column Notes, and you’ll see the processed note. Double-click to open and view.

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