How do I use the Progressive Policy Downloader in JenesisNow?

How to use the Progressive Policy Downloader in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Working with Progressive

If you’re running your downloads through IVANS, you don’t have any extra steps to take. The downloads should come in automatically.

If you’re using the Progressive Downloader, first, contact Progressive and get that downloader set up directly with Progressive.
You’re going to have that downloader directed to a folder on your local drive called Uploads. Inside the Uploads folder, you’ll have an AL3 folder, and inside that folder, you’ll have an Archives folder.

The Archive file is where you drop files you’ve already uploaded into Jenesis. Maintaining organization between fresh downloads and your previously uploaded archives will prevent duplicates and errors from uploading the same files over again.

Each day, after you run the Progressive policy download, a file will be added to your AL3 folder. You simply drag the new files and drop them into your Uploader in Jenesis. You’ll see the files populate under the Download File List and you simply hit process.

The system will do its best to match the download with the corresponding client & policy type.

Afterward, move the fresh downloads from your Al3 folder (the ones that you just dropped into the Jenesis uploader) into your Archives folder. We recommend occasionally cleaning out your archives folder and deleting anything older than 7 days.

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