How Do I Use The J-Capture Feature in JenesisClassic?

Have you ever wished you could save screenshots of pertinent details for a customer or policy inside JenesisClassic?

Well, J-Capture is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use J-Capture, which will allow screenshots to be saved within the policy details for your clients.

Prior to using J-Capture:

1) Setup the Company List and J-Links correctly by navigating to Utilities. Select the Company Setup tab at the top and a “Company List” box will pop up.

For each Insurance Company listed, ensure that the website address is correct and complete in the Company Setup box.

2) Ensure all J-Links are working. Verify usernames and passwords are complete, web addresses are correct, and that all have been tested and confirmed working.

To use J-Capture:

From the Client Main Screen, select the policy for which you’d like to use J-Capture. The Policy screen will open. Select the J-Capture button in the center of the page.

The J-Capture screen will pop-up and you’ll be prompted to log in. Your credentials have been copied (in the blue box at the bottom of the window) so that they are easily accessible.

Once logged in, navigate to the screen you want to J-Capture. Click the “Save Page to Images” button at the bottom left of the screen. Select a category that accurately describes the screen captured from the dropdown box, provide an insightful description, and then click the “Save to Images” button. Once finished, select the Close button at the bottom left corner of the window.

To view your J-Captured images:

From the Policy window in Jenesis Classic, click the “Policy Images” button from the blue bar along the bottom of the screen. A J-Capture pop-up will appear in which the images are listed. Double click on the file name to view it.

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