How do I use the Imperial Premium Finance integration in JenesisNow?

How to use the Imperial Premium Finance integration with JenesisNow.


JenesisNow -Imperial PFS

How to setup a Client Portal using your JeneisNow system

Begin by going to the left sidebar, hovering over Users (USRS), select All Users. Once in User Accounts, select a user. Once inside your user’s account, select Credentials. Next, click on the plus (+) sign, and a window will appear titled Credential. Under Type, choose IPFS, and enter your password.

If you leave Location blank, it’ll be for all locations. If you have multiple locations and have different IPFS for each location, select the drop-down and click on your location. Leave Company and Agency Code blank. Then hit the green button Save to save and exit. You will then see your credentials appear on your dashboard.

Next, click on JN located in the top left corner, to go into a customer’s account. Once in your customer’s account, select their name under Last Viewed Clients. Once you’re in the profile, scroll down and locate to the right you’ll notice Actions. Now, select Imperial PFS, and a window will appear. Choose the policy you want to include by selecting the box and hitting Submit. This will transfer the information over to the IPFS, and then you can edit it there.

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