How do I use Tags in JenesisNow?


Have you been wondering how to use Tags in JenesisNow?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents has tags that can be used for quick searches and as indicators of policy detail. This affordable insurance agency management system from is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use tags, which will allow you to label and find policy or location details effortlessly.

JenesisNow – Tagging

In this video, I’ll use location tags to display an address in a client’s policies to help me decipher between locations. In this example, one client has two Fire/Dwelling policies on two different locations, provided by the same insurance company.

I’d like to know which is which simply by hovering my mouse over the policy in the Client View. This can be done through the use of tags.

To set up Policy Tags:
From the Client Policy View (inside the policy on which you plan to add a tag), notice the Policy Tags box. Select the light blue “Add Tags” button. An “Add Tags” pop up will appear in which you’ll write the address to that location. Select save.

Bonus Tip:
From within the Client View screen, you can rearrange the blue boxes (Suspenses, Policy History, Media/Files, Raters, Actions, Notes, J-Mail, etc. ) along the right side of the screen by just clicking and dragging the blue header of the box you want to move.

To set up Media Tags:
From the Client View screen, find the Media/Files box along the right side of the window. Select the pencil icon right in front of the media item on which you’ll add the tag. The Media pop-up will appear in which you should see a column entitled “Tags”.

Tag your media file with terms you’d search for if you were looking for this file. Select the checkmark below your new tags to save them. This will allow you to search for the Tag name and quickly find that piece of media as it pertains to that client.

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