How do I use Downloads for Commercial Lines in JenesisNow?

An overview of Downloads for Commercial Lines in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow – Downloads for Commercial Lines

In this video, we’ll walk through downloads for commercial insurance lines in JenesisNow.

Unsupported means we do not yet have coverage screens built for those lines of business.
In this example, we’ll use Business Owner Policy.

First, select your client under Client View. You’ll notice it looks like any other policy except it doesn’t have the build-out (it’s blank).

We’ve added the ability to take in the downloaded information from your carrier. You’ll notice that it has been downloaded even though we don’t have the fields.

Under Downloaded Info, each tab has valuable information: By selecting Commercial Lines Coverage, you’ll notice the coverages that are included along with the amounts, deductibles, package information, etc. For every tab, you’ll see the information for those commercial lines.

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