What is updated with the Acord 823 form within JenesisNow?

Update for Acord 823 form within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Update for Acord 823 and Additional Premises

We have enhanced the Acord 823 form.

Before, on the Acord 823, Commercial Insurance Application, one problem with this particular form was it only could add four different locations.

With this enhancement, when selecting an Acord Form, there is an option to have more than four locations/premises; there is a green rectangular button, Open Form – Acord 823 (Additional Premises) -1, located below the orange generate form button. Select this button to generate a page so you may add any additional premises to your Acord 823 form. Fill this form with your additional premises, then push save at the bottom.

Once you have completed it, you may check to make sure it is saved correctly by going into your Saved Forms section, and in this section, you may check it or make any adjustments to the form if needed.

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