How do I setup RingCentral (Web Phone App) within JenesisNow

Setting up RingCentral (Web Phone App) within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- How to Setup RingCentral (Web Phone Application)

In this video, we will show how to set up an integration between RingCentral in the browser version of the phone for RingCentral.

From the Jenesis Software main page, go to the left-sided toolbar at the bottom, click Settings, and then click Phone in the menu. In the phone setting screen, scroll down to find where it states, Launch an external app or website for incoming calls, and click on the blue toggle switch in this field to manage the settings.

In the pop-up window, you need to select when a call begins to ring or is answered; this will determine when you want this screen to pop up.

To enter a command, go back to JenesisNow, and in the left-side vertical toolbar, go to the tools icon, and then click VoIP. In the VoIP screen, copy the command below the video, go back to the RingCentral pop-up window, paste the command in the field box, and then hit Save. Now you are ready to receive phone calls.

When a call comes in with the browser phone, a pop-up tab will appear on JenesisNow with the client’s information if they are already in the system.

A difference between the browser and desktop application of RingCentral is with the browser. If a call comes in and pop-ups are blocked, a gray bar will appear at the top of the screen stating your phone is trying to open something; continue, click Continue to answer the call. You can also unblock pop-ups for RingCentral to have them come in automatically.

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