How do I set up the Rater in JenesisNow?

How to use set up the Rater in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Setting Up Rater

How to set up Jenesis Now to use the Rater to obtain rates from all your carriers.

First, make sure all your carriers and companies through whom you’re providing insurance are entered into the system. From the sidebar menu, select Companies, and Add New Company if you need to add carriers to JenesisNow before running Rater.
Next, head to Rating Companies using that same sidebar menu and the Companies icon. You need to add the same companies you have set up in your system to the Rating Companies section, signaling JenesisNow that you want the Rater to pull rates for these companies.

To add a Company, click on the plus sign on the menu next to Active Company List. Enter your credentials for the company website for which you’re pulling rates.

Each location for each company has to be set up separately.

Double-check that the username and password you’re entering are the ones you’d use to sign into the carrier’s website.

With the Companies set up as carriers and in the rater section, you should be able to pull rates from directly inside a client policy.

As an example, we navigate to client policy view, complete a fictitious client profile and auto policy (just as an example), and when all the information is entered, we click the orange Rate Policy button at the top.

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