How do I set up Renewals inside your management system in JeneisNow?

How to set up Renewals inside your management system in JeneisNow. 

JenesisNow – Renewal Tracking

First, you want to add your Renewal Card by clicking on the Plus Sign (+) on the blank card. A window will then appear titled Select a Dashboard Box. To add, select Pending Renewals, and then the card is added to your dashboard.

Now, select the gear icon for filters. The Pending Renewals Filter will pop up. First, figure out what card size best suits you. Now go through the rest of the filters: Status, Effective Date Range, Expiration Date Range, Line of Business, Policy Owner, Change Type, New/Renewal, Number to Show, and Show Column. Choose what best suits your needs, and then select Save to exit.

Under Premium Change, the system looks at the policy’s prior term vs. the renewal offer and tells you the premium change amount. If it’s in red, it’s an increase, and if it’s in green, it’s a decrease. You can sort the columns by clicking on the headers above.

Now your card is set up, let’s look at a customer with a policy. Once in a policy and you need to renew the policy, scroll down to the Policy Info card on the right and choose Renewal Policy; it’s going to ask you Are You Sure? Hit Ok! Once that’s done, it will advance the policy’s term to the renewal term date. Next, change the Premium, then select Save Policy at the top.

Now your policy is advanced to the renewal term, and there’s no longer a term date paid until the customer has paid. Keep in mind that if you download with your carriers, your renewals will come in and process themselves.

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