How do I set up my client portal in JenesisNow?

How to set up your client portal in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow – Setting Up the Client Portal

Following the setup of your client portal, you’ll start by going to the left sidebar, hovering over Agency (AGY), and selecting All Locations. Now choose your location. When you are in Edit Agency Location, notice the Location Options on the right. You can enable your customers to generate accord ID cards from the client portal by scrolling down to Portal ID Card Generation. It can also generate a portal certificate of insurance, allowing your customers to get an insurance certificate. You have the option to allow each of these by selecting On or Off.

After that, navigate to the left sidebar and select All Companies under Companies (COMP). You want to go into each of your companies. By selecting ON, you’re brought to the Editing Company dashboard. Once you’re inside, scroll down to Payment URL and Claims URL. Grab this from the carrier’s site and place the URL in the appropriate box. Each URL has a test icon next to it, which you can use to verify. After entering your URLs, click Save in the right corner.

Now, go to the left said bar, hover over Users (USRS), and select All Users. Inside, locate the section labeled Client Portal, then select the blue button Portal Account. A pop-up will appear tilted Edit JenesisNow User Portal Account; select the blue arrow to populate the email address and the password, then click Save.

To complete the setup, go to JN on the top left, then choose the client from Last Viewed Clients to Client View. Check their email address is provided and click Portal Settings. A window will appear titled Create JenesisNow Client Portal Account. Select the blue arrow to populate the email address, enter the password, then click Save. Notice the Client Portal URL can then share with your client to access their client portal. If the client is no longer with you, click on the red button to Make Inactive.

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