How do I set up locations in JenesisNow?

How to set up your locations in JenesisNow.


Location Setup – JenesisNow

First, hover over Agency (AGY), then select All Locations on the left sidebar.

To add a New Location, select Add Agency at the top right.

Select Location to edit agency location. Start left under Location Info. Check for errors and add needed information.

Now scroll down to Addresses. This is where you’ll add your mailing and physical address to this location.

Scroll up. Add your logo under Location Logo. Select the plus sign. Media will open to select Save Logo. You can drag/drop, select from device or scan in your logo. Your logo will then appear.

Now notice Media/Files to the right and Notes which are discussed in the video Agency Setup.
Scroll down to Integrated Accounts. This is where you’ll set up Simply Easier Payments (SEP) or your Sprucebooks.

Click Location Options. The Red Question Mark provides extra info. You can enable or disable features for your agency.

Under Location Options, you’ll notice different options you can turn on and off depending on what you need for your agency.

Scroll up and notice Payment Types. Here you’ll make sure all your needed payment types are there. Hover over the Red Question Mark to get more information.

Add payment types if needed. Click Add to add a new payment type. If your agency charges fees, we’ll need to link them here first.

Fee Types are on the left. Hover over the Red Question Mark for more info. To add missing fees, click Add Fee Type. Click Add to add a new fee type. Check your list before adding anything.
After adding a fee type, link it under Payment Types. Choose the payment fee from the selection. If there’s no fee associated with that payment, select now.

If there’s a fee associated, then choose the fee and type in the amount. Next, select Save Location at the top.

Scroll down to States to select the states your agency does business in.

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