How do I set up Email Marketing campaigns in JenesisNow?

How to set up marketing campaigns in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Email Marketing

From the left sidebar located under Agency (AGY), select All Locations, then double-click on the location name. We’re going to focus on the middle column titled Location Marketing. Notice there are different campaigns. The question mark next to the campaign’s name will give you information regarding what the campaign can provide you.

First, you’ll need to edit the campaign. A template window will show you what you’re submitting. You can edit the message and signature in two ways: 1) My Email/Text signature under the preference tab and 2) Default location signature in marketing.
Marketing campaigns will be sent to clients based on their status. To send a marketing campaign to another type of client, you’re going to select the box under Client Status, then in the top right, select Save.

Before sending the campaigns to your clients, send a test email to yourself so you can see what your clients will see. Select Test, then a window will appear to enter your email address, then select Send. Most of the campaigns will be turned on but in the event they aren’t, select Turn On then select Save Location at the top. Once saved, those clients will get an automated email.
To remove a campaign, select Remove Client Marketing in red at the top. To opt out new clients, at the top select Off.

If you remove client marketing and opt-out new clients, you’ll go over to the life sidebar, select Clients (CLNT), and select All Clients. Client List will appear, now select a client.

Once you are in Client View, select People. A client window will appear with their information. On the right side, you’re able to opt clients in or out of email marketing. To add a client to an email campaign, click on the box and select Email. Save.

The last task to set up marketing campaigns is to go over to the life sidebar and select Dashboard. Next, scroll down to the blank box with the plus sign, and a window will appear titled Select a Dashboard Box to Add, then select Marketing.

After saving a marketing campaign, you’ll see a column called Today’s Marketing Campaigns. It shows all the campaigns you’ve sent. Select the campaign to produce a report on who received it. Under Filter/Action, Run Date, pick This Year to gather data. Then click View report.

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