How do I Set Up Downloads for Addresses in JeneisNow?

Allowing Downloads to update Addresses. How to Set Up Downloads for Addresses in JeneisNow. 

JenesisNow – Allowing Downloads to Update Addresses

Begin by going to the left sidebar, hover over Agency, then selecting All Locations; enable the option to allow downloads to update client addresses. This will take you to the Edit Agency Location screen, where you can change the location by selecting Location Options from the menu on the right. Download Update Addresses is the last choice; by selecting it, changes will be saved immediately.

To access the Client View for a specific client, put the client’s name into the search bar at the top of the page. Note the location of your customer. To make this change, navigate to the left sidebar, hover over Downloads, and click Downloads.

Once in Company Downloads, navigate to the right where you’ll see Manually Upload File and place your file there. Then, under the Download File List, select Process. Once you’ve updated the address, you can go back to the client’s profile by searching for their name in the top bar.

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