How do I set up and use WeSignature Integration in JenesisNow?

How to set up and use WeSignature Integration in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow- WeSignature Integration

First, on the left sidebar, go to Agency (AGY) and select All Locations.

A new screen will appear titled Agency Location. Choose the location you want to turn on your WeSignature Integration.

Under Edit Agency Location over to the right, you’ll notice WeSignature Integration under Location Options. Make sure it’s on!

Next, you want to set up your users credentials. By doing so, go to the left sidebar under Users (USRS). Select All Users, then go into your user profile. At the top, select Credentials. Then add new by selecting the Plus Sign (+) located to the right. After this is completed, go back to your Dashboard by going to the left sidebar and selecting Dash.

There are a couple places you are able to send a document with an electronically signed form.

To open a customer’s profile, type their name in the search bar at the top. Now scroll to the bottom and notice to the right Media & Files. In Media & Files, you can send any document you have uploaded to be electronically signed.

Under Media & Files, select the Plus (+) sign. A window will appear titled Media. Next to the document you want to sign, select the blue icon for WeSignature. The email address will autofill. You can add additional signers by selecting the drop down menu to select the name you want.

Now, select Submit, which will bring up WeSignature in a new tab. Next, select Continue, and the document will appear. Then you can pull over (click and drag) the signature in the place you want to be signed, and once completed, select Send.

The next place to send WeSignature is through Acord forms.

Located at the top, select the Acord Forms icon. The client name is prefiled. Then scroll down to Save Forms you have generated for your customers. Now select Options, then WeSignature, and it will pull up WeSignature in a new tab. At this time, you may complete the necessary fields. Once the document has been electronically signed, select send.


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