How do I set up a Suspense in JeneisNow?

How to set up a Suspense in JeneisNow.


JenesisNow – Suspenses

First, go to the toolbar to the left of the screen, hover over suspense, and select New Suspense. A window will appear to fill out the fields. By checking Critical, it’ll make the suspense placed in red and bold, then push it to the top of the reminder date. Reminder date reminds you of a specific date for completion. Ensure you enter a suspense note. Under person, you will enter your client’s name.

You can choose to enter a policy number. The sender is the person who is sending out the suspense, and the receiver is who will get notifications for this specific suspense. If you need to add another person as the receiver, click to the right of the name and select the other person.

Another option is to enter a suspense at the top, and you’ll notice a search bar will appear. Begin by typing in a client’s name, and then select the client’s name. You will then see the Client View page and notice suspense to the right. You’ll notice there are two suspenses. To add a new suspense, click on the Plus Sign (+), a window will appear, and you will then enter all the required fields as you did the first time.

Under Policies to the left, if you select a policy, you’ll navigate to the client’s record, and you’ll notice Suspense to the right. Select the Plus Sign (+), and a New Suspense will appear; then again, enter all the required fields and hit save.

Another feature is the Notes card. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll notice Notes. By selecting the Plus Sign (+), Add Note will appear. After you write your notes, rather than hitting save, you can select Save and Suspense, which will bring up the window for a New Suspense. Enter the required fields, and once you save the suspense, it will then show up on your Suspense card.

From your dashboard, which you can access from the left sidebar, select the Plus Sign (+) at the bottom. Select a Dashboard Box to Add, then a window will appear; select add Suspense, and this will then be added to the dashboard.

To complete a Suspense, select the item, then a Suspense window will appear. Notice Completed By, use the dropdown and select the name, the completed date, and then select Save Suspense and it will then be removed from the dashboard.

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