How do I set up a Single Run Marketing Campaign with JenesisNow?

Setting up a Single Run Marketing Campaign with JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Single Run Marketing Campaign

This video will show you how to send a one-time mass message like a notification of policy change, if your offices will be closed, or anything you would like all your clients to know in a single message.

From the left-side vertical toolbar, locate the Agency icon, and then click All Locations. In this new window, select the location marketing option. Scroll to the bottom to locate the SIngle Run option.

Anytime you are setting up a marketing campaign, always make sure to edit first. In this section, there is the option to send via email or text; choose one of these options by clicking the edit button, and then it will bring up a pop-up window for a single email/text template. Fill in the message you want to share and click save.

On the single run option line, click the send button. This will bring up another pop-up box to allow you to add a few filters. Use the filters to ignore a company or send it to a singular company. Filter by client status or filter by policy type. After setting the filters to your desire, click the orange send button.

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