How do I Send an Email Blast in JenesisNow?

Marketing Campaigns in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow -Single Run Marketing Campaign

Did you know you can send marketing campaigns via email using JenesisNow?

First, from the sidebar, select All Locations under Agency (AGY). Then select your location name. Edit Agency Location will appear. In the middle, you’ll notice Campaign Types under Location Marketing.

Scroll down to the bottom and notice there are two different options: Single Run By Company and Single.

Single Run By Company: When selecting Send, a window will appear titled Send One Time Mailer. It’s going to ask you what company you want to select to send the marketing campaigns, then select send at the bottom.

Single will be based on the client’s status, which is on the right. You can edit what’s sent to each customer status level by emailing or texting. By clicking the blue Edit button, you’re able to make adjustments, then select Save at the bottom.

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