How do I send a J-Mail in JenesisNow?

How to send a J-Mail in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow -J-Mail

J-Mail can be accessed from the upper blue toolbar by clicking on the Envelope icon. Once you click on the envelope, it will show the number of unread messages you have. Now click on the green button called See All J-Mails to pull up the Inbox Screen. You’ll then notice your unread J-Mails. To the left under Compose, you have options for Inbox, Sent, Archives, and Drafts.

To compose, select Compose and a window will appear to compose a J-Mail. When you click on To, notice the names that appear which are those within your agency. To select a client, type in the first few letters of the name for options will show. Then select the name. Once you select Policy, the options match according to the client. Now complete the message and select Send at the bottom.

Another option to send a J-Mail is if you go over to the left sidebar, go to Clients, then All Clients. The Client window will appear, then select the client’s record. From the client view, you’ll notice the J-Mail card to the right. Select the Plus (+) Sign and fill out the required fields.

One more way you can send a J-Mail is from the left under the Policy card, select the Active Policy. Once in the policy, scroll down until you see J-Mail and again, you’ll enter the required fields and hit send.

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