How do I search for clients in JenesisNow?

A quick demonstration on how to search for your clients in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Searching For Clients

There are several ways to search for your clients inside JenesisNow, including from the search bar at the top, using advanced search options, and from the All Clients list using the filters and search box.

Using the search bar at the top, you may type in the client’s first name, last name, business name, or any part thereof. A drop-down will reflect potential search results, from which you can click the name you’re looking for. You’ll be directed to your Client View screen.

You may also click the magnifying glass icon at the top to display the Advanced Search Options pop-up. Select the field that you’d like to search for in the Search By box, and then type the information you know in the Search box below. This is particularly useful if you can only remember a street name, email address, or phone number, but not the client’s name.

Yet another option is to navigate using the vertical menu along the left side of the screen to select Clients, All Clients. From within your client list, you can scroll, use filters to sort, and even use the search bar inside the Client List box.

Finally, if you have the Last Viewed Clients card added to your dashboard, you can see a shortlist of the last several client profiles you’ve accessed, and easily click back into them.

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