How do I process my downloads in JeneisNow?

How to process your downloads in JeneisNow.

JenesisNow – Download Processing

How to setup a Client Portal using your JeneisNow system

The first step is to add a dashboard card, which is optional. After clicking the plus sign (+), a window will appear with the title Select A Dashboard Box to Add. From there, choose Download.

After a card has been added, you can make changes using filters by clicking the gear icon in the card’s upper right corner. The size can be changed by selecting a different option from the menu. Once you’ve saved the card, you can reorder it on your dashboard as you see fit.

To access your downloads, hover over Downloads (DNLD) on the left side and select Downloads. This takes you to your Company Downloads screen. Note: within your agency, your files are updating every 10 minutes. To the right, select Manually Upload File. You can manually drag and drop any file into this card. Once dropped in, it will automatically populate under Download File List on the left side. Notice the blue bottom Process; click on it to process the downloads. Under status, you’ll see a black paper icon. By clicking this icon, you can learn about the client’s policies and the purpose of the downloads.

At the top in the Search Bar, which helps you find clients listed in the downloads. There are 3 tabs to notice under Other: al-3 (shows if the file downloaded incorrectly), repair (if there’s an error in the file), and delete.

Next, scroll down to Policy Job List. If a policy match can’t be found in a download file, this is where you’ll find the policy. In this case, you’ll need to match manually. Notice Match Client To Database; in the drop-down menu, this is where you’ll search for your client’s name. The button labeled Compare will show you basic information about the client. If the profile matches, select Process, but if it doesn’t, hit Clear Above Name and then hit process.

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