How do I use Forms, Applications & Certificates in JenesisNow?

How to use forms, applications, and certificates in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Forms, Applications, and Certificates

Forms inside of Jenesis can refer to your Statement of Loss, Acord Forms, or even a Certificate of Insurance.

From the client view, click the Adobe paper icon at the top of the screen to navigate to your Acord Library. Since you entered from a client’s account, the system enters that client name at the top for you.

If you navigated to the Acord Library another way, the Client field would be blank.

Use the search function using the number or the name of the form you want. Click the Choose button aligned with the form you wish to use, select a policy for which it will be applicable, and identify the client. Generate the form.

Complete the fillable PDF with as much information as possible and click Submit. Now the form you completed will be stored in the Saved Forms section of your Acord Library.

Now you can generate the form and make changes, view it as a pdf, print, email, save to your drive, or delete the form.

Some forms, such as the Worker’s Comp Policy are auto-filled based on the premiums and coverages on that client’s policy.

For a Certificate of Insurance, as another example, you select the form, choose the policy and customer name, and generate. From inside the new certificate, you’ll notice some items are pre-filled and other fields are editable.

Use the drop-downs (such as for the customer’s address) and add certificate numbers as you please. Go through the form details adding policy limits, projects, descriptions, certificate holders, and more, completing as much information as possible.

When you select multiple certificate holders, you can generate a form for each of them or have them all on the same form. Generating the form renders three different green buttons, in this example.

After confirming the Certificate of liability is complete as desired, click Submit. Generate each form, clicking each green button as needed, and submit each of them.

In your list of Saved Forms, notice that the certificate holder’s name is listed with the form name, which is helpful if you email the document to the customer using the Options button in the Saved Forms section.

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