How do I navigate my management system in JeneisNow ?

How to navigate your management system in JeneisNow.

JenesisNow – Web Based Insurance Agency Management System

At the top, find Time Clock, Client Quick Add, Quick Texting feature that lets you text your customer without having to go into their account, and J-Mail messages for interoffice communications about policies and clients that create date time locking stamps. You’ll also find an Accord Library with pre-filled Accord Forms, Ivan’s Markets Appetite, and a calendar with shared events. The Search Bar is on the right. You can use this to search for clients by any part of their name or business name. Next, you can search more deeply by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

The left side of your dashboard has many options. Suspense (SUSP) lets you get client suspense reminders that will also show up on your dashboard. For Reports (RPTS) and Downloads (DNLD) the system does a download every ten minutes and processes every five minutes.

Once you’re in the Edit Agency Location dashboard, you’ll see Location Marketing in the middle. This is where you are able to send emails or text marketing campaigns.

Other tools on the left sidebar are Tools which you have End of Day, and Commission for tracking by downloading and manual entry. Along with Import Data for your prospect list. Next, you’ll see Email, which allows for two-way email integration, which means your communication with the client will automatically be saved into their account.

When you’re on the dashboard, you can change how it looks by rearranging the cards as you see fit or adding or removing them.

You can find everything you need in one place in Client View. In the Client View, you can sort, get access to Client Portals, send automated receipts and invoices from your system, and access Client Portals. You also have a Suspense card and a Notecard.

Scroll down until you see the button for Media Files. This lets you upload files from your computer or scan them if necessary. You can add tags to Policies to help you remember what they are without having to open them.

When you click on Reports in the sidebar on the left, you’ll be taken to the Reports dashboard, which can be customized to fit your agency’s needs.

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