How do I manually upload Download Files in JenesisNow?

How to keep your desktop downloads folder clean and avoid errors during upload with JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Manually Uploading Download Files

For manual downloads from Progressive or Team-Up, you’ll need to manually move the downloaded files to into your JenesisNow system.

More on how to set up a folder for manual downloads on your desktop, like with Team-Up in this video:

Open the folder on your computer where you’ve been receiving downloads. As an example, in this video, I have downloads piled up from yesterday all the way through last year.

If I do not clean out this folder and I keep dragging all of these files into Jenesis, not only will the system get bogged down (and possibly fail), but we’re going to be feeding JenesisNow, various versions of the same policies, which will confuse everyone involved.

The best way to efficiently manage your downloads, is to create a new folder inside your downloads folder called “Archives.” Drag all of the files that have already been manually loaded into JenesisNow into your new archives folder.

Moving forward, run your downloader as usual, and new files will appear in your downloads folder. Once you bring them into JenesisNow and process them successfully, go back to your downloads folder and move the files into the Archives folder.

Practicing this daily folder download-process-archive method will maintain a fast downloads process, create less errors, and keep your downloads folder clean, clear, and organized.

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