How do I manually download without IVANS in JenesisNow?

Tips for manual downloads with JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Downloading without IVANS

If you use a manual downloading process like Team-Up or Progressive, this video will show you some basic download management tips. If you use IVANS or another automatic downloader, this will not apply.
First, from your downloads folder (on your desktop or wherever you receive downloads), drag and drop the downloads into the “DROP FILES HERE” section.

More on how to set up a folder for manual downloads on your desktop, like with Team-Up in this video:

After you drag and drop the downloads into your company downloads section, delete the files from your downloads folder. If you don’t systematically clean out your desktop downloads folder, it will become more and more full, and eventually, experience errors or failures.

If you keep the downloads folder cleared (after pulling the files into JenesisNow), the upload process will remain efficient and fast because you won’t have various versions of the same policy information and the number of files being uploaded at a time will remain low.

To highlight all files inside the downloads folder on your desktop, click any item, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard, and press A. This will select all of the files inside that folder. Now you can right-click and select Delete or press Delete on your keyboard.

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