How do I link to a carrier’s website from within a policy in JenesisNow?

How to link directly to the carrier’s website from within your client’s policy in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow – Linking to Your Carrier’s website

In this video, learn how to set up a link to your carrier’s website from within a policy.

This begins at the company level. From the vertical menu on the left, select Companies, All Companies. Select the company to which you’d like to add the link.

From the Editing Company screen, complete the company’s profile as much as possible and make sure the company’s URL is visible in the space next to the Website. The web address you enter here is the link that will be reflected from inside policies using this company.

Save your changes. Then, navigate to Clients using the left, vertical menu bar. Select a client and a policy that uses that carrier.

Now, when the carrier information is properly completed at the company level, and that carrier is selected as the Company from within the Client Policy View, the square button next to Company will open the carrier’s website when clicked.

This makes it ultra-convenient for you to log into the carrier’s website and make any necessary changes.

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