How do I filter through suspenses in JeneisNow?

How to filter through your suspenses in JeneisNow.

JenesisNow – Suspenses

You can see all suspenses in your agency by going to the left sidebar, hovering over Suspense, and selecting Suspense List. The card with a list of filters for suspenses can be found on the right. Notice a drop-down menu labeled User at the top. By default, the setting, All, shows all of your team’s suspenses, but if you only want to choose one member, use the drop-down to choose their name.

Suspense Urgency is one filter, and you can choose three options: Normal, Critical, or All, depending on what you want to view. Suspense Stage is the following filter, with options for Current, Future, or All. Suspense Status is the last option, along with the filters Open, Closed, or All.

At the bottom of that same card, you have date filters for your suspenses. Once you’ve entered the specific date you want to see, then select the green button labeled Refresh List, and this will show all the to-do items created during that date range. You also have the option to clear dates by selecting the orange button labeled Clear Dates, which will then show you all suspenses.

Select Dash at the top of your left sidebar to return to your dashboard. Your suspense card will be in the upper left corner of your main dashboard. Click the gear button, and the Reminders Filter window will appear with the same set of filters. After filtering, click the green Save button to save your changes and exit.

Back in your dashboard, at the top, notice a search bar that allows you to search for a client’s profile. After entering the customer profile, scroll down until you find a card with the label Suspenses. Clicking the gear symbol will bring up a window to access the same filters.

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