How do I enter packages for my customers in JenesisNow?

Personal Package, Commercial Package, & BOP Policy Types. How to enter packages for your customers in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow – Personal Package, Commercial Package + BOP Policy Types

Begin by clicking Client (CLNT) on the left side bar, followed by All Clients and finally your client record. Following this, Client View will become visible. Now, on the left side, under Policies, click the plus (+) icon. A window labeled Manage Policy Components will be up. Select the state you’re doing business in, then click on Select Component in the dropdown.

Once you’ve selected the drop down, you can type in the first few letters of what you’re searching for and select Personal Packages. Now click on Select to exit.

Personal Package Policy View will show. You can then populate any of the information that is needed for that customer as well at the bottom. After reviewing, you’ll select the Blue Back button at the top left to go back to Client View.

In the Client View, you have a couple of options. Scroll down to Policies and select the Plus Sign (+) and a window will appear titled Manage Policy Components. Select the dropdown, select Component and select Commercial Package, then click Select to exit. Commercial Package Policy will appear and you’re able to populate the necessary fields.

Down at the bottom, you’ll notice a place for Business Information and Forms/Items. You also have the option to add other policy components by selecting the Plus Sign (+).

After reviewing, you’ll select the Blue Back button at the top left to go back to the client view.
Another option is Business BOP and to select this, scroll down to Policies and select the Plus Sign (+), a window will appear called Manage Policy Components. From the dropdown, start typing in Business and you’ll notice Business Owner BOP.

Select that option then click Select to exit, which will bring up Business Owner BOP Policy. You can then populate all the necessary fields. You’ll notice 4 tabs at the bottom: BOP Liability Module, BOP Property Module, Business Info and Forms/Items. There’s an option to add a policy component by selecting the Plus Sign (+).

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