How do I Create a Custom Policy Type within JenesisNow?

Creating a Custom Policy within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Custom Policy Type

Go to the left-side vertical toolbar, locate the Agency icon, and click My Agency. In this new window, Agency Edit Page, there is now a card box for creating a custom policy.

To create a custom policy, click the blue button in the Custom Policy card box, which takes you to the custom policy page, and then click the dark blue button in the top left of the page. If you want to edit any of the custom policies previously created, just click on the line of the policy on the right side green edit button.

Some custom policies we suggest creating are classic cars, B&B services, and taxes.

Some fields you can add to a custom policy are a text box, box and dollar amount, percentage amount, and a drop-down menu with options of your choosing. When you click in a dollar field, it will automatically insert the dollar ($) sign, which is the same as a percentage box, putting the percent (%) sign.

Once you have created a drop-down field, you can create a new option by clicking the plus sign, or if you want to remove an option, click the red box with the minus sign. If you want to delete any fields created, just click the “X” next to the field to remove it.

After you have created all the custom fields desired, hit the save button.

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