How do I add Windstorm Policy Type for Personal Lines within JenesisNow?

Adding Windstorm Policy Type for Personal Lines within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Windstorm Policy Type for Personal Lines

On the client view screen, go to the policies card, click the plus sign on this card to add a new policy, and then choose windstorm policy personal. In the personal windstorm policy, the top section, the client section, is similar to all other policies; therefore, fill in this information as normal.

The next sections below are specific to personal windstorm policy, and the first section is property listing. Click the plus sign in the property listing section to add the listing. In the property listing screen, the information asked on the center and right are standard to a homeowners policy, but the section on the left is specific for a windstorm policy that includes Property Deductible, Wind/Hail Deductible, Hurricane Deductible, Named Storm Deductible, and Flood Deductible. Once you fill in all the information needed, press the green close button on the bottom right.

Back on the personal windstorm policy screen, you can add Additional Interest/Morgage, Notes, Policy Tags, or Media/Files to accompany this policy by clicking on the plus sign in the desired section, and then filling in the information as usual.

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