How is adding Multiple Violations to a Driver Made Easier and More Efficient within JenesisNow?

Adding Multiple Violations for a Driver Made Easier and More Efficient within JenesisNow

JenesisNow-Adding multiple Violations for Drivers

In the personal auto policy screen, go to the Drivers section, and click on the driver for whom you are adding the violations to bring up the driver window screen. Click the plus sign next to Violations bringing up the violation pop-up screen in the driver window screen. In the violation pop-up, choose the volition code, the date it occurred, and the points from the violation, then click the green Save & Add Another button to add another violation. Fill in the validation code, date, and points again for this additional violation, and repeat this process for any additional violations.

Once completed inserting the violations, click the green Save & Close. You will now see the violations added to the violation card. This process of being able to add multiple violations now makes this process much more efficient.

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