How do I Add Media to a Note within JenesisNow?

Adding Media to a Note within JenesisNow

JenesisNow-Add Media in a Note

We have now made it to where you can add media to a note. To add media to a note, go to the note card, and click the plus sign to make a new note. In the pop-up window, type your desired note; then, to add media, there is a light blue button that states Add Media, click this button, and then your options to add media will appear in a new pop-up. Chose the media you would like to attach to the note and then click the green attach button, and then this media will be added to the first pop-up, and then click the green save button.

To make sure it is saved correctly, go to the notes section and click on the note just created. The note will appear, and you will see the media attachment on the same screen as well. Click on the attachment to view it, and it will appear in a new window.

Adding media to notes can be done from the policy or client levels. We hope this helps keep you organized and makes things more convenient.

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