How do I add and manage user accounts in JeneisNow?

How to add a new user and manage existing user accounts in JeneisNow.

JenesisNow – User Setup

To add a new user, hover over Users (USRS) and choose New User from the toolbar on the left. Once you choose, a box will pop up where you can add information about the customer.

To access your existing users, select All Users. A dashboard will appear where you have access to all users. Click on a profile to see the user’s profile.

Changing the account’s status from Active to Inactive can be done under the user’s profile without disabling the account. Under the Transfer User Items card in the middle, you can transfer items.

There are a variety of permission options for users once you scroll down. Please note this applies to all agencies. If you want to turn on permissions for a specific location, then under Location-Specific Permissions, click the On/Off button. Once your permissions are set up to your liking, select Save User at the top.

To return to All Users, go to the left sidebar, hover over Users (USRS) and select All Users. If you’re going into the supervisor role, notice the Become bottoms next to the users’ profile. Once you select this bottom, you’re logging in as that customer. In the user’s profile, you will be able to see what they have been up to, see how things are set up, claims they have made, or even policies they have had in the past or currently. Once you’re done with the profile, go to the top, select the email address and click on Log Out.

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