How do I add an image to your email signature in JeneisNow?

How to add an image to your email signature in your JeneisNow system.

JenesisNow -Adding an Image to your Email/Text Signature

To add an image, click on the image icon. Then there will be a window for you to upload from your computer. Choose the picture you would like to use and then click Open. Once your image is uploaded, you can resize the image if needed and then click the Save button at the top.

After you have saved it, go back to Preferences, and you’re able to set an image to Email/Text Templates located to the right. First, you need to give your template a name, a subject, and a body. Next, click the Insert button to add your picture. Then at the bottom, click Save Template. Next, scroll back up to the top and click Save User at the top.

Once you send an email or text from the system, your signature will have the image you have chosen.

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