How do I Add an Errors & Omissions Policy in JenesisNow?

JenesisNow – Adding an Errors & Omissions Policy

Adding Errors and Omissions Policy – JenesisNow

On your client view, go to Policies and select the plus sign in the right corner.
The Manage Policy Components window will appear. Select what you want to add. Choose a component from the dropdown list. For this example, Errors in Omissions have been chosen.
A green button Select can now be found at the bottom of the page. Click it.

Errors and Omissions Policy will appear on the screen. Click on the Policy Number field and put the policy number in there. After, you’ll then fill out the information as needed.

Next, scroll down to the bottom. Under tab Errors and Omission, you can add Limits and other information, such as Deductible and Retroactive Date.

Under the tab Business Information, fill that portion out. Next, under Forms/Items, those will show if there were any downloads from your carrier.

When done, select Save Policy in the top right corner.

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