How do I add a receipt to a customer’s file in your JeneisNow?

How to add a receipt to a customer’s file in your JeneisNow system.

JenesisNow- Receipting

You can do this from either Receipts or Policies. For this example, we’re using Policies.

Scroll down to Policies and select a policy. In Policy View, notice Receipts to the right. Now, click the plus sign (+), and a window called Receipt will appear. Notice The Policy Number and Payment To are already filled in.

Next, use the drop-down menu to choose the type of payment you want to make, and enter any comments, the commission amount (which won’t show up on the receipt), and the amount due. If the payment has already been sent to a company, check the box next to Paid to Company.

To add a fee, click on the blue Plus (+) sign to add a new column, then fill in all the necessary information. At the bottom, you’ll see a drop-down menu called Paid How, Check No. If they paid with a check or cash, you can add the Check Number or Confirmation Number to this section. Under Email Receipts, you need to add the email address of the customer to send the receipt to that customer. If an email address is already on file, it will be filled in for you. Additional Comments is where you would enter anything you need to relay to your customer. Next, enter your Amount Tendered, and then hit Save at the bottom.

If you’re using an online credit card service such as Simply Easier or Spruce Books, then click on Online Credit Card. It will then transfer the credit card information to the service to use the card, and then make sure to select Save at the bottom.

At the bottom, you have options for Voice, Email, Text, and Print. Once done, select the red button Close. Back in Personal Auto Policy view, you’ll notice your receipts to the right under the card Receipts.

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