How do I add a Dashboard Renewal Card in JenesisNow?

This video tutorial will teach you how to track renewals using the Dashboard Card feature in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Adding A Dashboard Renewal Card

As your renewals come through the system, you may want to add them to your dashboard. Whether from downloads or manual entries, your renewals are automatically tagged as pending renewal status.

Click the large blank box with a plus sign to select a dashboard box to add. Select the Pending Renewals button to add Pending Renewals as a card on your main screen.

Once the card is added to your dashboard, you can adjust the filter settings by the box size, the number of items to show, effective / expiration date, and policy type.

You can choose personal lines, commercial lines, and narrow or expand what you want visible in this card. Don’t forget to click save.

Now when customers are coming up for renewal, you can see who they are, when their policy expires, and what the premium difference is. A green premium change value means their policy cost decreased while a red value indicates the policy premium increased.

You can click directly on the client’s name from the card and work the renewal from inside the client policy.

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