How do I add a client receipt using JenesisNow?

How to add a client receipt using your JenesisNow system.

JenesisNow – Receipting

First, conduct a name search for the client whom you want to issue a receipt. Navigate to their client view and select the policy for which you plan to issue a receipt.

Once inside the Client Policy View, you can open the carrier’s website and view the amount due toward that policy.

Then move to the right side of your screen, to the Receipts block. Select the plus sign to add a receipt.

Input the payment type, method, any comments, and the amount due. If your agency charges fees, you can add a second line to input your fees. Select Save.

If you’d like to email a client their receipt, simply enter their email in the box to the left of the Save button, and click the Email button. Receipts may also be voided and printed from within this popup.

When you close the receipt window, your new receipt will display in a list format in the Receipts block.

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