How do I Add a Certificate Signature for Client Portal in JenesisClassic?

JenesisClassic -Adding Certificate Signature for Client Portal

How to select the default agent signature in JenesisClassic.

On the top of the page you’ll find a menu bar. Select Utilities, then select Agency Setup.
You’ll notice a window titled Agency Setup for Location.

A few tabs are located at the top of this window. Choose Preferences. Click on Additional Preferences. The Additional Preferences window will then appear.

Notice the Default Certificate Signature under Client Portal Settings. In order to have one customer’s signature appear from the portal, select the arrow to drop down the names, and then select the customer you wish to receive the signature from.

At the bottom, select Save and Close.

When your customers get a certificate from the client portal, it will show the signature of the person you’ve chosen.

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