Have you been wondering how to use SimplyEasier Payments in JenesisClassic?

Have you been wondering how to integrate and make the best use of SimplyEasier Payments in combination with JenesisClassic?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents now has an SEP integration feature you MUST know about! This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use Simply Easier Payments, which will allow you to process credit card payments with SimplyEasier Payments efficiently.

JenesisClassic – Simply Easier Payments (SEP)

To setup SimplyEasier Payments:
Once you complete the sign up process with SimplyEasier Payments, you’ll receive a key. Call Jenesis for technical assistance where we can turn on the SimplyEasier Payments feature for you.

To enter the SimplyEasier Payment’s key code provided to you upon registration, begin at the Dashboard. Select Ctrl+W to bring up your J-Links. From the J-Links set up tab, fill in SEP beneath Company, leave the spaces for User and Agency Code blank, copy the key provided by SimplyEasier Payments as your username, make up a password, and fill in the SimplyEasier Payments web address. Select Close.

To use SimplyEasier Payments to process payments, Navigate into a client policy to process a payment. Select the button at the bottom of the policy screen for “New Receipt”.

The receipt window will pop-up where you’ll select the Credit/Debit Card to Agency option in the Payment Method box.

Beneath Payment Type, select New Business. In this example, the Total Due box shows $225. When you click in the Amount Tendered box, the Online Credit Card button becomes available.

Upon clicking that button, you’ll be directed to SimplyEasier’s site where you’ll enter fees and agree to their terms and conditions. Enter the customer’s credit card information, billing address, and phone number, and method of receipt.

We suggest to offer to text or email the client the agency receipt, as well. You can always complete an agency receipt without printing.


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