I do not currently use an Agency Management System. Why do I need one?

1. It allows the agent to image all documents into the client’s profile. This keeps all documents at the agents finger tips and reduces the chance of something like fire destroying files kept in the office.
2. It allows for single click access to the insured’s accounts on the company’s website systems.
3. It supports downloads from the companies which keeps the local data synchronized with the data at the company.
4. It automatically tracks the source of new business to make better advertising decisions.
5. It automatically produces postcards, voice calls, texts and email to prospects and insured’s to do lots of valuable things like reminding them it’s time to renew, thanking them for getting a quote, thanking them for sending a referral and much more.
6. Provides an automated receipt option.
7. Provides end of day drawer balancing, insurance company remittance reports and accounting.
8. Provides tons of useful reports to mange quotes, renewals, closing rations and more.
9. Gives the agent the ability to process electronic signatures so customers don’t have to come in the office if they are unable.
10. Gives the agent the ability to take credit card payments and checks by phone.

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