Can I use Jenesis on a Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone?

With the Hosted version of Jenesis Agency Management System you have the flexibility of using your Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone.   You can use the product whether you are on the Citrix environment or the vWorkspace environment.

Step 1:  Start up your device
Step 2:  For Android go to the Google Store.  For Apple products go to the App Store.
Step 3:  You want to search for the App (For myjenesis clients search for “Citrix Reciever”.  For jenesis247 clients search for the “vWorkspace”
Step 4:  Install the App
Step 5:  Put in your username, password and domain which is myjenesis (For jenesis247 customers before entering this information you will need to put in
Step 6:  Click the Jenesis Globe and open the software

Now you are ready to use the software on the selected device.  Its so easy and now you can access your policies anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Please Note:  If you are using myjenesis follow the written instructions as the Citrix receiver is not included in the video

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