Can I track Prospects by Source?

Jenesis Agency Management System makes managing your Prospects easy. You can easily enter prospects and track the marketing source they came from. We also have a Prospects by Source Report that lets you view the information quickly to know if you efforts are working for your business.

To track a Prospect and a Source

Step 1:  Click Add Client
Step 2:  Choose Prospect in the Status
Step 3:  Select the Source in the Source field

To Pull the Prospects by Source Report

Step 1:  From the Main Screen select Reports
Step 2:  Choose Production
Step 3:  Select the Marketing Tab
Step 4:  Place a check mark by Prospects by source
Step 5:  Select Preview

Remember you can drill down from this report.  You can also print the report, Save to Images or Export any report in Jenesis.

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