Cool features 

    • We have added the ability to have multiple commission tiers for a given carrier.
    • We have added notifications of how many unread messages to the email option on the left main right sidebar as well as an unread emails dashboard card.
    • Users are now able to see all the policies associated with a company and with a mortgagee right from the company and mortgagee setup screen. We have also added a mortgagee report so users can run a report to see all the policies associated with a given mortgagee.
    • We have created the ability to track the number of payments remaining on a policy, and the number of payments and the next due date will change based on payments being receipted in JenesisNow. We have also added dashboard card filters on the Policy Card to display upcoming payments due as well as filters for policy reporting.

All other features

    • North Carolina agencies are now able to choose the rating companies in Agency Locations to use for J-Rate. There is also now a helpful video to help with setup.
    • Added Receipt Number to Receipt Panel in policy and client screens.  Users can now see Receipt Number on Remittance and Payment Detail Report and link directly to that receipt and policy from receipt number and policy number columns.
    • The Acord 125,126,130,131 and 140 will now transfer over the producers signature.
    • Users are now able to run a report to show only clients with a mobile phone number.
    • When entering tags, the user can now just press the enter key after each entry rather than using commas to separate multiple tags.
    • The Acord 75, Insurance Binder, now fills in with data from the policy, making the process of issuing a binder much easier.
    • Added Custom Policy types to the filter and results on the reports: Book of Business, Policy Detail, Client and Policy Detail, Policy Generations, and Policy Terms.
    • When creating a receipt for a policy where there is no payment amount listing on the policy screen, if the payment type is installment or late installment, JenesisNow will no longer default the receipt with the full term premium. It will continue to default to the full term premium if the payment amount on the policy screen is empty and the payment type is New Business or Renewal.