April Product Update graphic


Noteworthy Enhancements

  • We have added the ability for users to delete policy downloads from the download processing screen.  View Demo
  • Users now have the ability to exclude one policy type while including another policy type from the Policy Detail and Policy/Client Detail report. This is intended to cross-sell clients that have one specific policy type but not another.   View Demo
  • When importing a payment/receipt taken in JenesisNow, into the Check Register, the insured’s receipt number, name, and policy number, will also import into the transaction for all the insureds who are a part of that transaction.   View Demo
  • Let user know before processing a download it if will create a duplicate and give them the option to correct it.   View Demo
  • We have added the ability to copy the insurance company name and policy number from the policy list without the user being taken into the policy. This also works for the people. In addition, we have reformatted the People card to make it easier to read.   View Demo

Additional Updates

  • We have added the Purpose, Effective Date, Expiration Date, and Policy Premium to Download Log.
  • We have added the Personal Auto Application, Acord 90, for PA, MD, and DC.
  • We have added the Acord 29 Evidence of Flood Insurance to the JenesisNow Acord Library.
  • We have added the insureds address to the Acord 125 where it was missing in the past.
  • Added Reefer coverage for business auto and cargo policies. This is coverage for a refrigerated trailer.
  • We have made the client and policy suspense card make better use of open space and will now show more of the suspense comment.
  • We have added the Acord 50 Texas ID Card.
  • Where the pay plan type for a policy is mortgagee bill, JenesisNow will not send a marketing campaign for payments past due and upcoming payments.
  • We have added a marketing campaign for customers who do not have personal umbrella policy with the agency.
  • The cancellation date will now show when hovering over a policy in the policy list on the client screen.
  • One note will be made when an Acord 25 (Certificate of Insurance) is sent to a group of certificate holders. This note would include info about which certificate holders received an email. Also, emails sent to cert holders with the Acord 25 will now be added to the email sent card. If there are emails sent to multiple certificate holders at once, each one will be listed in the email sent card.
  • We have added the Acord 139, Statement of Values.
  • We have created the option of selecting what columns you want to see and in what order on the Pending Renewals card.
  • We have added the Oregon Acord 90 to JenesisNow.
  • We have added Masonry Noncombustible as a construction type for personal and commercial property policies.
  • We have made a change to some of the policy types like life & health and medicare to allow the user to either select the Policy Holder from a drop-down or type in anything they would like.
  • We have added the Acord 90 CT – Personal Auto Application.