February product update header


Noteworthy Enhancements

  • We have enabled setting default coverages for Business Owners Policies. We have also renamed Business Owner BOP to Business Owners Policy.
  • We have added a shortcut icon to the navigation bar to quickly access your user credentials.   View Demo
  • We have added more policy and client detail options for users to choose to merge into the email and text campaigns. View Demo
  • When entering a new quote/policy and using the JenesisRater, the user will now have the option to save the carrier and premium back to the policy. When quoting an existing policy, the user now has an option to easily rewrite the policy without having to close out of the rate results manually, do the rewrite, and then rating again.
  • We have added a Statement of Auto Coverage for auto policies in the Actions card.  View Demo
  • We have added the Dairyland Rater to JenesisNow’s Jrater feature.
  • Updates have been made to the Invoice system and Receipts can now be applied directly to Invoices. View Demo
  • We have added the ability to email carriers from their company profile.  View Demo

Additional Updates

  • We have added the download transaction date to the book of business report.
  • We have added a policy status called Submitted to indicate the policy has been submitted to underwriting for approval.
  • Added a Wrap policy type for Personal and Commercial.
  • Added the Acord 803 Liquor Liability Section as a partial data prefill.
  • JenesisNow will remember the user’s last selection when choosing a client status on the All Clients List.
  • We have added the business name to the client and policies dashboard cards.
  • We have made all of the dashboard boxes that are sortable remember each users sort preference.
  • We have added the option for the user signature to be added to the Acord 27 and Acord 28.
  • We have added a User column to the Suspense dashboard card.
  • We have added the ability to choose up to 30 days in the past when doing end of day sessions.